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Thailand to be an Asean mould-manufacture hub

The Industry Ministry envisions Thailand becoming Asean's main production centre for moulds, switching from importer to exporter status within five years with an export value of Bt35 billion throughout that period.

Industry minister Chaiwuti Bannawat yesterday said the ministry had a five-year plan, from 2010-14, to turn the local mould industry into the leader of the Asean market.

The plan targets an export value for the mould industry of Bt35 billion throughout the five-year period, or Bt7 billion per annum.

"Promoting the mould industry will strengthen supporting industries like auto parts, electrical appliances and electronics and help widen export markets for them. The mould industry is strong in developed countries like Germany, Japan, the US, South Korea and Taiwan," he said.

Chaiwuti said the global mould industry enjoyed continuous growth, particularly in Asian countries like China, India and Thailand. Thus, the ministry would like to help local operators improve product quality, shorten delivery periods and produce more accurate moulds.

The Thai-German Institute will meanwhile carry out its second-phase plan to bolster the local mould industry's capability by helping manufacturers develop their workforce and design technology that meets market requirements.

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