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Maintenance of the puncher



When punching£¬the male part does not come up.

check the air pressure is normal or not
 (normal pressure:3-5kg/©M2);

 When punching,it causes breakage of poly bags.

 1.check whether the air pressure is too low;
 2.check whether signal system is normal;
 3.check whether punching and cutting are synchronous;
 4.check whether the holding time is too long when punching;

Punching is not continously or sometimes good and sometimes bad

 1.check whether the air pressure is too low; 
 2.check whether the air faculty is not enough
 (far away from compressor);
 3.check whether water comes into solenoid pilot actuated
 valve or there is blockage in muffler;
 4.check whether there is a breakage in air cylinder;

When punching there is fluff or unsuccessful full cutting.

should sharpen the knife edge;

After punching on thicker(over 0.05mm)poly bags then punching  on thinner(bellow 0.04mm) poly bags, therer is fluff or unsuccessful full  cutting.

1.discharge the male and femal of the  punch or sharpen the male part edges;
 2.a better solution is to punch separately in thicker and
thinner poly bags;

 Punch machine use rules

 (A) Before using:

    1.Before using the punch please make sure that there is not residue on the punch head and low die.
    2.Please put some lubricant on the upside of punch head in order to make it work swimmingly.please note that 
    you should polish it with close lest some residue stick to the punch chip.
    3.Suggest to choose the following lubricant:engine oil,butter,car oil and so on.

 (B) When using:
    1.When the punch are working constantly please put some lubricant once one hour inorder to make the punch  chip and guaide bush lubricant.
    2.Note:check if the punch being loose and has exceptional sound.If so please handle it in time.
    3.If find the punch has position moved,please use plastic hammer instead of iron hammer to hammer it.
    4.Propositional pneimatic:3-5kg/©M2

 (C) After using:

     1.Please polish outside of punch,especially the low die and punch chip.
     2.put some lubricant on the low die,and press the punch chip to the bottom.
     3.If the punch becomes blunt ,you could separate the punch chip and grind it on grinder.

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