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About us

   ZS Enterprise Co,.Ltd located in the Pearl River Delta and in the city of Shenzhen,which is pioneering city of the reforming and opening-up with advanced hi-tech industries and active economy,ZS Company is an enterprise engaged in the manufacturing of precise pneumatic hole punching machine which used to punch different hole on plastic bag,albums,paper products and so on.

   In recent years,with the joint efforts of all our staff£¬this company has successively passed ISO9001-2000 Quality System Certification and ISO14001 Certification£®With high-tech as our guidance,the enhancement of enterprise image and staff quality as our focus and the demands of customers and level of our products as our goal,we keep a strict standard for product quality.

   The products of this company have successfully entered the international market with superior performance and outstanding quality (our company will gain the trust of all our customers with the tenet of "gain the trust of customers with high quality" and "keep improving and meet the demands of customers").With the coming of the era of digital information,all staff of this company will receive the opportunities and challenges of the new era with our young attitude and vigor.

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